Celebrating 15 Years: An Appreciation

The conclusion of Sell-Through Solutions’ 15th year in business kind of sneaked up on me. When things are going great, the years fly by. When things are a grind, the years fly by. When you get to be my age…well, you know.

Thinking back through the past decade and a half, two words come to mind: blessed, and humbled. Sell-Through Solutions, a training content creator, probably shouldn’t have made it through 2003, its first year. Training-centric retailers like Circuit City, The Good Guys, Tweeter, and Ultimate Electronics all went extinct. A massive recession lurked right around the corner.

Yet here we are, and it’s because of you. Sure, once we get a gig, we must deliver. And I’m proud to say that we have. But it’s a cast of thousands that makes this even possible. Family, friends, mentors, and forward-thinking Consumer Technology manufacturers and retailers are the fuel for this engine. And you all have my deepest gratitude.

Special thanks go to:

  • John Ledford, for teaching me how to be a grownup.
  • Noel Lee, without whom Sell-Through Solutions would not be possible.
  • Some of the most talented partners we could have the privilege of creating with: Eric Bodley, Charlie Boornazian, Jessy Crabb, Tim Hill, Mitchell Klein, Bill Lauer, Coleen Leith, Gabe Lungu, Denise Morales, George Mousouroulis, Chuck Schneider, Adam Van Dyke, and Marty Yogya. (Of course I’ve forgotten people, so apologies.)
  • The translation service providers, voiceover artists, and videographers that enable us to put an “S” after “Solution.”
  • Most of all, mad crazy props to my endlessly patient wife Gina, one of the few humans to ride a roller coaster as it was being assembled.

Finally, massive thanks to a roster of clients, some past, some present, that are the envy of the Consumer Technology world: AVAD, Beats by Dr. Dre, Best Buy, Control4, DIRECTV, Epson, Future Ready Solutions, Jaybird, Logitech, The House of Marley, Metra Electronics, Monster, Perfect Path, PPC, SIM2, Sonos, Sony, Ultimate Ears, URC, and Yamaha.

15 years. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? But today, my friends, is a good day.