A Boss’s New Year’s Resolution

Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke wrote an article last month called “True Holiday Gifts at Work Don’t Cost a Dime.” We strongly believe that the gift at the top of his list would also make a powerful New Year’s resolution for any good boss. Here you go…

Cancel some meetings. There are too many (bleeping) meetings. I warned you over and over that most meetings are unnecessary, yet you schedule them like there’s a prize for whoever calls people together the most.

Try offering get-out-of-a-meeting-free cards employees can use when they feel their presence is truly unnecessary. Sounds cheesy, yes, but showing people you trust them to use their time wisely carries some weight.

Or expand that gift by promising a more careful approach to meetings in the new year. That’s simple: Each time you think you need to call a meeting, assume you’re wrong. Then ask yourself: Can I just do this via email or a conference call? Who absolutely has to be there? What’s the key objective of this meeting and how can we get in and out as quickly as possible? That’s a gift that keeps on giving.


Original article: https://www.chicagotribune.com/business/careers/ijustworkhere/ct-office-holiday-gifts-huppke-work-advice-1127-biz-20161124-story.html