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Pro Learning Solutions debuted in 2003 as Sell-Through Solutions, established by Consumer Technology industry training veteran Charles Thompson with the goal of boosting professionalism in retail sell-through. The name “Sell-Through Solutions” reflected the retail focus at the time.

As new teaching technologies such as e-learning emerged, the company migrated to the role of Instructional Designer, mastering tools like Articulate Storyline and Microsoft PowerPoint, while forging international content development partnerships. The name “Pro Learning Solutions” is a far more accurate description of who we are today.

Charles began his career with a decade in Consumer Electronics retailing, followed by national training management posts with Harman, Esoteric Audio, and Monster. This combo of retail/manufacturing experience enabled him to see both sides of the business/end-user coin. Looking at the industry, Charles saw a big gap between how product, selling, and service skills were taught, and how audiences actually learned. Today, Pro Learning Solutions fills that gap.

With any learning program, for best results we need to ask the right questions. Do sales professionals possess the proper motivation, selling skills, and product knowledge? How do we get associates engaged, making them partners in the enterprise? Is retail management driving selling initiatives from the top down? How is sell-through success, product acumen, or company compliance quantified?

Today, corporate competence is the ante just to get in the game. True differentiation must come via extraordinary service, consummate professionalism, and systematic selling. And, while content creation is a Pro Learning Solutions hallmark, we also believe that instruction is merely one of several components of a successful learning program.

That’s why Pro Learning Solutions developed the STAR Learning System™: Strategy, Teaching, Audience Focus, Return on Investment.

The STAR system goes well beyond product and sales knowledge, to ensure maximum return on the continuing development of professionals…


Strategy icon showing football playbook diagram

To make a learning program work, we need a roadmap to the desired outcome. Proper strategy outlines the constraints to success and formulates the steps to overcome those constraints. We also need to “begin at the end,” to start with the project’s desired outcome and work our way back to the behavior changes and action items that will bring about that outcome.

Those goals and actions will look different for each client, thus requiring close collaboration between Pro Learning Solutions and your Subject Matter Experts. We are adept at working with marketing, sales, art, engineering, and product development departments.


Pro Learning Solutions learning programs spring from an ever-evolving perception of how adults learn, coupled with a vast storehouse of tech knowledge. We’ve built a network of expert partners with the same guiding principles, enabling us to offer a far more varied and complete teaching solution than one company alone.

This allows Pro Learning Solutions to keep up with every advance in adult education: e-learning, mobile learning, instructor-led training, international translation, explainer videos, commercial voiceover narration, and more.


When “information” such as features and benefits become the primary focus, the most important learning component—the recipient—is often left out. That recipient, often responsible for the company’s message to the end-user, has nothing to show for their time beyond a bulleted list of talking points.

Pro Learning Solutions teaching programs swing the focus back where it belongs: to the audience. Looking through the eyes of sales, service, and product pros, along with end-users, manufacturers can see and communicate about their products in an active, involving way. Via interactive exercises, “a day in the life” scenarios, and continuous audience input, your pros are energized and empowered to take your message to the world.


Icon that illustrates the return on investment concept, showing a graph moving upward.

One key goal of any teaching program should be to improve message intake. The most successful method of delivering and retaining a message will differ from one company to the next. During the strategy session, Pro Learning Solutions helps clients map out the program(s) with the best ROI—the maximum return for each dollar invested in training content.

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Instructor-led, e-learning, and mobile device-based programs each have significant upside, especially when combined. We will work with your company to strike the best balance between content delivery, investment, and payoff.

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