Hot new productivity tool for all your gadgets

Do you text? Then check out Pushbullet. This essential app allows you to compose, view, and respond to texts directly from your computer. No longer do you have to find your phone, pull down a text notification, and thumb-type a sloppy message. Now you can read an incoming text message on the big screen via customizable notification, and comfortably respond with your luxurious desktop keyboard.

Pushbullet works with PC and Mac, Android and iOS, and with any major browser. (We can only vouch for the PC/Android combo, as we have not tried it with the Apple ecosystem.)

Pushbullet doesn’t limit you to text notifications. If you choose, you can deliver any smartphone or tablet notification to your computer screen — social media updates, calendar reminders, and more.

You also get some neat productivity extras: With Universal Copy & Paste, anything you copy from your phone is immediately available on your computer’s clipboard, and vice versa. You can also share links between your devices.

Finally, you can drag-and-drop (or “Push”) files of any type from your computer to your phone, or vice versa. No more jumping through bizarre hoops or installing drivers just to transfer a PDF file or Word doc.

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