How Sell-Through Solutions Protects Client Data

We take everything about our clients seriously: their privacy, their proprietary technologies, and the content we create for them.

First off, here’s the Sell-Through Solutions Privacy Policy. Don’t worry, it’s not eight pages long. It’s this:

If anyone asks, we didn’t see nothin’, we didn’t hear nothin’, we don’t know nothin’. We don’t use advertising, data mining, data selling, web beacons, tracking cookies, zombie cookies, or any other invasive junk.

Here’s how we protect the content we create for our clients:

  • Maintain every document created for our clients since our inception in 2003
  • Daily offsite 448-bit encrypted backups
  • Daily onsite password-protected 128-bit encrypted backups
  • Biometric password protection for all client Intranet passwords
  • Private file sharing service for content delivery
  • Non-disclosure language built-in to every agreement

For 12 years, Sell-Through Solutions has prided itself on the zealous protection of our clients’ privacy and data. Your secrets are safe with us.