We were made for this.

We and our partners are geeks, writers, sellers, buyers, artists, computer builders, photographers, audiophiles, videophiles. We think it’s the perfect mix of talents and skills for what our clients need.


We produce content for mega-corporations with strict branding guidelines and a razor-sharp sense of their culture. We produce for startups where we all hammer out the storyboard on napkins at the Waffle House. And every type of company in between.


One thing we find common to all our clients: Everyone has a story to tell. Our job is to take stories that once belonged only to our clients, and create something that now belongs to their audience.



Pro Learning Solutions PowerPoint decks are visually stunning, audience-enthralling backdrops for some of the consumer electronics industry’s most celebrated public speakers. Our presentations entertain, change behavior for the benefit of all, and keep the focus where it belongs — between audience and presenter.


The video below features excerpts of PowerPoint presentations for select clients. The sampler features high-definition slide samples that blend seamlessly with each client’s corporate culture.



The slides are selected for variety, so you will miss some continuity. And we protect our clients by revealing zero proprietary corporate kung fu. But rest assured that we push PowerPoint to the very limits of its capability — including sound, 4K video, and sophisticated animation. Click PLAY, then slides will each auto-advance after a few seconds. There is NO sound with this sampler. Once the video starts, pause at any time, or hover your mouse and use the playbar’s chapter markers — and be sure to click the full-screen icon near the lower right for the full HD effect.





Click the images to view samplers of Pro Learning Solutions e-learning content. From the first image link, you’ll experience a Pro Learning Solutions first: the widescreen e-learning course. The second image link will lead to a course with a fully custom player.

As these are just samples, please don’t look for continuity or proprietary selling secrets. Just enjoy the journey, and get an idea of what’s possible with multimedia e-learning.

Beyond what you’ll see here, our courses can feature interactive video, glossaries, branching, live Web links, downloadable resources such as documents and videos, and more. Speakers on!





For Sony, we turned the traditional product-happy sales guide format on its ear. The Sony TV Training Guide focused on retail sales pros and their customers, showing both how to objectively evaluate and demonstrate differences in TV picture quality. Click the cover to read excerpts from the guide.

Three-Minute University academic-style badge with stars and athletic "3MU" initials in the center, along with images of a laptop, tablet, and smartphone on the right.

All-Device Online Learning

For learning quickly on whichever device happens to be handy, Pro Learning Solutions presents Three-Minute University™ (3MU™). Recognizing busy workdays and shorter attention spans, these interactive three to five-minute courses flow automatically into any device shape or orientation: smartphone or tablet, PC or Mac, laptop or desktop, landscape or portrait.

Free your learners from complex PowerPoint presentations or desktop e-learning courses shoehorned into mobile devices. Engage learners wherever they happen to be — ideal for product announcements or new tips — at a fraction of the cost or production time of a full e-learning course. You can track learner participation and more on any LMS.

Learn more about 3MU here, and click the 3MU badge above to see a sample. Please contact us when you’re ready to turbocharge your training.



Click the image to view a sampler of Pro Learning Solutions French-language e-learning content. As this is just a sample, please don’t look for continuity. Just enjoy the journey, and get an idea of what’s possible with international e-learning. You’ll see a full text script translation, listen to professional French voiceover narration, and even view French-subtitled American video. Every player element, downloadable file, and image caption has been translated. Speakers on!

Pour accéder à un ensemble d’échantillons de l’espace e-learning dédié aux solutions de vente au consommateur final en langue française, cliquez ici. Comme il s’agit de simples échantillons, ne recherchez aucune continuité. Profitez simplement de la visite et faites-vous une idée des possibilités offertes par le e-learning international. Vous accéderez à la traduction complète d’un script, écouterez une narration de qualité professionnelle par une voix off française et visionnerez une vidéo américaine sous-titrée en français. Chaque élément du lecteur, fichier téléchargeable et légende d’image a été traduit. S’il vous plaît activer le son.



Click the image to browse a product catalog written by Pro Learning Solutions. We worked with the artists, marketers, and engineers at PPC to introduce Perfect Path, PPC’s consumer connectivity line, to the world. The pretty pictures and innovative products come straight from PPC; Pro Learning Solutions contributed the words.



Sharing knowledge is both our business and our passion, so relaxation time often consists of contributions to blogs, product review sites, industry forums, other companies’ newsletters, and trade magazines.

The ecology is also close to our hearts, so this Custom Retailer magazine article on the Electronics industry’s responsibility to the earth connected both passions. Click the magazine cover to read…