PPT-4K™: PLS Unleashes World’s First 4K PowerPoint Presentations

In the Consumer Electronics industry, Pro Learning Solutions was first with 16:9 widescreen presentations. We were also first with 720p HD presentations. (PowerPoint through version 2010 is natively 540p in widescreen.)

More recently, Pro Learning Solutions was also first with 1080p PowerPoint presentations, which is our current minimum picture resolution.

Now, Pro Learning Solutions introduces PPT-4K™, the world’s first 4K Ultra HD PowerPoint presentations. PLS president and creative director Charles Thompson explains:

Q: What’s the benefit of a 4K PowerPoint presentation?

A: 4K is the pinnacle of television picture resolution, with four times the detail of HDTV. As we work for the people making consumer electronics, we think it’s in their best interests to portray their products in the best possible light. For our clients such as Sony, a 4K Ultra HD TV trailblazer, it’s a no-brainer. They have a 4K message to deliver, and they make the gear to deliver it.

Q: Can’t anyone just expand the PowerPoint canvas until they get to 4K dimensions? What makes Pro Learning Solutions’ PPT-4K special?

A: Yes, anyone can make a huge 4K canvas and input text and images. But for most designers, that actually causes more problems than it solves. Everyone’s seen a million PowerPoints with fuzzy images sourced from Google searches and Web versions of product pictures. At PowerPoint’s native 540p, that’s not too bad. At 2160p (4K resolution), those same images are unwatchable.

Pro Learning Solutions has been purchasing royalty-free 4K (and even 8K) images for years, and our in-house collection now numbers in the thousands. If we put an image in your PowerPoint, it’s gonna blow your head off. We also work directly with each client’s graphic artists to source the highest-resolution product imagery available. It’s not unusual for us to get a 16K—or beyond—product image from a client. So, rather than upscaling pictures, we’re usually downscaling pictures to 4K, maximizing every pixel.

Once we have the images, we treat them to our SL-EdgeHammer™ process. SL-EdgeHammer produces frameless, background-free images that look like television and cinema instead of magazine shots. This may be the most important step, as any image cutout errors are grossly magnified in 4K.

Basically, with PPT-4K, you’re handing things over to folks who know exactly what to do with both PowerPoint and a high-resolution image. One thing I can guarantee: You’ve never seen PowerPoint like this before.