Pro Learning Solutions is primarily an instructional design and content developer. We realize, however, that a successful sell-through program spans many disciplines. Therefore, we’ve amassed a network of highly regarded professionals in additional training solutions, such as animated explainer video production and international content translation. That way, Pro Learning Solutions skill development programs can cover the full spectrum of learning styles, from written to visual, while the delivery systems include everything from multimedia PowerPoint presentations, to explainer videos, to online and mobile learning.


Moving up the ladder, Pro Learning Solutions also offers managers the tools to make sell-through a systematic, quantifiable, and profitable endeavor. Program components include:


Training Content Creation


Training Support Programs



Spotlight: PowerPoint Multimedia Content Development


As a content development company, we create a lot of PowerPoint presentations. For many, the mere mention of PowerPoint cultivates visions of mind-numbing backdrops resembling onscreen owner’s manuals. However, we leverage every ounce of this powerful multimedia graphics presentation program, producing high-definition 16:9 widescreen presentations with video, Flash, sound, and compelling imagery.


Pro Learning Solutions PowerPoint presentations are:


CINEMATIC. Pro Learning Solutions was the very first company in the Consumer Electronics industry with widescreen 16:9 PowerPoint presentations. We were first again with 1080p PowerPoint presentations. (PowerPoint 2013 is natively 720p; PowerPoint 2010 is 540p.)


In 2013, Pro Learning Solutions innovated PPT-4K™ – the world’s first 4K Ultra HD PowerPoint presentation. You’ve never before seen your visual message displayed with this kind of cinematic detail.


EYE CANDY. When you fire up the big screen, your audience expects to see imagery, not a widescreen Word document. So that’s just what our Photoshop-sourced PowerPoint presentations deliver. Our inspiration isn’t catalogs—it’s movies and TV. We remove stock images and product images from their backgrounds and place them in your settings, like TV—using our trademark SL-EdgeHammer™ process for photorealistic edges, depth, and pop.


TWO-WAY. PowerPoint presentations are instructor-led, but that doesn’t mean they have to be instructor-preached. Total audience involvement and input are the goals of every Pro Learning Solutions PowerPoint presentation. The instructor serves as ringmaster, and PowerPoint serves not as narrator, but as a compelling catalyst to the interaction of the entire room. What the audience discovers together is what the audience owns together.


Click here to view a video sampler showcasing a variety of Pro Learning Solutions-produced presentations and examples of SL-EdgeHammer-produced imagery.


Spotlight: Custom Multimedia Interactive E-Learning


You have a story to tell. It’s always easier to do that in person. But what do you do when your audience is getting your message unattended?


You involve as many senses as possible. You take your audience on a journey. And you make sure they own your story.


Our e-learning solutions are:


VISUAL. People don’t look at computer monitors to read nonfiction books. They want visual stimulation. We give your audience what they want with high-resolution imagery, video, and animation that focuses the eye on key topics.


AUDITORY. Pro Learning Solutions e-learning courses are often narrated by commercial voiceover talent. All learner types benefit from narration—as long as that narration reinforces what they’re seeing onscreen, instead of reading what they’re seeing. The best salespeople all have go-to phrases that they heard—not read—from a mentor. For silent viewers, the narration is defeatable and backed up by script notes.


TOUCHY-FEELY. With self-paced learning, the temptation to multitask is overpowering. Our courses keep audiences engaged by giving them interesting activities: drag-and-drop, knowledge checks, mouse-overs, click-to-reveal, and more.


STICKY. Landing your message and keeping it landed is the goal. We help by making your ancillary printed and video resources downloadable directly from the e-learning course. Additional in-course resources, such as web links, glossaries, and FAQs, can further reinforce the message.


COMPLIANT. Our e-learning courses are SCORM 1.2-compliant for hosting on any Learning Management System (LMS). SCORM compliance allows you to track viewer attendance, course completion, and testing. Our HTML5 option is an ideal solution for non-SCORM-compliant LMS, tablets, and smartphones. And our iOS option provides mobile learning on the iPad via free app.


Click here to view and interact with a sampler of three Pro Learning Solutions e-learning excerpts.


Spotlight: International E-Learning Content Development


E-Learning enables you to deliver your message to the entire country at once. Why not the whole world?


Pro Learning Solutions produces e-learning content in any language you choose. Now your message can be received by the enormous retailer bases on every continent.


Our international e-learning solutions deliver the same features as our domestic ones. Additionally, they are:


TRANSLATED. CHECKED. AND CHECKED AGAIN. Our translation service is a four-step process:

  1. Translation by Primary Linguist.
  2. Any necessary changes/edits by Senior Linguist.
  3. Final proofread and quality assurance check by Product Manager.
  4. Delivery to your international team for agreement on tech terms and local idioms.


SPOKEN LIKE A NATIVE. We employ professional native speakers from each country or region, and insist on studio-recorded voiceovers, sweetened in postproduction. The same quality assurance team that oversees your text translation also works on the narration project.


VIEWED LIKE A NATIVE. Translation means nothing unless the imagery is translated as well. We work with your international team to ensure that the imagery resonates with local audiences. We also translate image captions and add subtitles to English-language videos.


Click here to view and interact with a sampler of Pro Learning Solutions French-language e-learning.