SL-EdgeHammer™: Secret to STS’s photorealistic imagery

With presentations, imagery is king. In our hi-def world, audiences expect much more than framed pictures from stock photo websites. They want cinematic, frameless images that pop from the screen.

Any Photoshop junkie will tell you that “clipping” images from their backgrounds is arduous work, especially when working with wispy items such as hair and smoke. And every audience knows when it’s not done right. You’ve seen countless PowerPoint presentations where people tried and failed, where the object or person has that “ransom note” crudeness, taking you out of the moment.

Our technique keeps audiences right where they want to be. It took years for Pro Learning Solutions to develop the SL-EdgeHammer™ image cutout process for the most realistic-looking still images onscreen. We can’t tell you everything, but SL-EdgeHammer includes painstaking use of Photoshop’s Pen Tool, along with some very sophisticated (translation: expensive) aftermarket software for key parts of the image, finishing with a proprietary treatment of the object or person’s edges.

You can see SL-EdgeHammer-created imagery on our Portfolio page in PowerPoint presentations and e-learning courses. If you see people and products popping off the page, frameless and 3D-realistic, you can bet they’ve been taken through our trademark SL-EdgeHammer process.