STS E-Learning to Become Device-Universal

Right around 2010 in our industry, e-learning exploded as a training tool. Lately, however, consumer electronics vendor enthusiasm for e-learning has cooled. It’s still a powerful tool; you can still roll out a training course to thousands of learners worldwide in a single day for pennies per head. So what gives?

In 2010, people were perfectly happy to stare at a desktop computer monitor and take their medicine. Most had never owned a smartphone. Fast-forward to 2016: everyone has a tablet, everyone has a smartphone. And that’s now the way people want to absorb information.

But here’s the thing: 99.9% of e-learning is Adobe Flash-based. Tablets and smartphones don’t do Flash. HTML5 is hot in the browser space right now, but very new to e-learning. For tablets and smartphones, buzzkill workarounds are required even with HTML5, and the tools for mobile quizzing and reporting are ineffective.

That’s about to change. Sell-Through Solutions was one of a handful of companies invited to test a groundbreaking new e-learning authoring system. We are currently on our seventh beta, and things are looking great.

Soon, Sell-Through Solutions will be one of the world’s first companies to offer truly device-agnostic e-learning courses. That means, no matter the size, type, or resolution of your device, the e-learning course will auto-adapt and look amazing. We will have a complete mastery of desktop and mobile learning in HTML5, including full quizzing and reporting capability from tablets and phones.

Don’t use this news as an excuse to put off your training needs. If you need training tools now, you should have Sell-Through Solutions create them now. For example, our courses are all-time top-rated on Best Buy’s Learning Network, which plays beautifully with Flash. Get in before the selling season begins!