STS Welcomes Chuck Schneider

Sell-Through Solutions is proud to announce that Chuck Schneider will now be a regular contributor to STS newsletters and blog posts.

STS president Charles Thompson says, “We are positively thrilled to have Chuck aboard. Writing is at the core of everything we do here, and Chuck Schneider is a masterful writer. I consider Chuck a longtime mentor, a trusted advisor, and a constant inspiration for me as a writer. You’ll find Chuck’s articles deeply insightful, of-the-moment yet extraordinarily rich in history, and—most of all—fun.”

About Chuck Schneider:

Chuck Schneider is a retired CE veteran executive turned popular freelance writer. Chuck has worked the retail sales floor, been a major chain store buyer, a manufacturer rep salesman, and rep firm principal spanning 45 years in the industry.

Chuck has won awards for his work in trade publications. He has written for Gatehouse Media, various travel publications, and recently the CTA. He is currently Contributing Writer for CE Pro magazine, the first and only freelance writer to ever appear on the masthead in that publication’s twenty-year history.

Thompson says, “Chuck has been called the Dave Barry of the Consumer Electronics industry, but I compare him to Garrison Keillor and the late Jean Shepherd.”

Fine company indeed.