The Most 4K Streaming You Can Get

The King Kong of 4K video is YouTube. No other streaming service comes close. Netflix or Amazon Prime Video may boast of delivering “dozens” of 4K movies and shows. Amateurs! Do a search for “4K video” on YouTube and you get 63 million results. No, there aren’t 63 million 4K videos on YouTube, but once you start exploring, you won’t crawl back out of that rabbit hole for weeks.

Even better, 99.9% of that lovely 4K content is free. Yes, some of that “freedom” is ad-supported; however, you can subscribe to ad-free YouTube Premium at $11.99/month, which includes a companion subscription to Google Play Music. Worth every penny.

Best of all, YouTube is also the Godzilla of 4K content in High Dynamic Range (HDR). HDR imagery is that ultra-punchy, color-drenched, deep-contrast picture that high-end video demos are made of. Steadily improving YouTube quality plus rising Internet speeds equals 4K HDR video that rivals the best paid streaming services.