Things you didn’t see at CES 2016

How was your CES? We hope you kicked butt and took names.

More than ever, CES 2016 looked like something from the future. Robots, drones, robots, the Internet of Things, smart fitness wear, and robots.

And the Consumer Electronics Show is such a hopeful place. “Our product is fully funded through Kickstarter, and will be available in June.”  (Notice they didn’t tell you which June.)

We wish every new innovation a long and successful arc. For now, let’s tip our caps to products and places we old-timers remember from shows gone by…
• Floppy disks
• Pagers
• Car phones
• Bag phones
• Laserdiscs
• Push-to-talk phones
• Nextel phones
• Nextel
• Rear-projection television
• QSound
• Fax machines
• Alarm clocks
• Mechanical switches
• DVD Audio
• Enhanced CDs
• Palm Pilots
• Circuit City, The Good Guys, Tweeter, Ultimate Electronics
• Tiger Direct, CompUSA, Tandy, Incredible Universe, Blockbuster Video
• Calculators
• Calculator watches
• Cassette players
• Telephones
• MiniDisc
• LightScribe
• MovieCD
• Zip drives
• Word processors
• Stereo Review Magazine
• Audio Magazine
• Popular Electronics
• Cingular
• Hi-8 camcorders
• Portable CD players
• Dot matrix printers
• Public phones
• Super VHS
• Digital VHS
• Betamax
• Smartphones with physical buttons
• Zune