Three-Minute University: Hot new way to train online

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Mobile is king. For many people, if it didn’t happen on their smartphone, it didn’t happen. People enjoy being productive away from their desktops.

Mobile learning similarly frees retail salespeople and other learners from the deskbound constraints of e-learning. At least that’s the idea. In practice, mobile learning has proven tough to implement, primarily because of price and execution.

  • Mobile learning traditionally takes e-learning and shrinks it to smartphone or tablet size. Now you have a long, complex course made super-tiny and tough to navigate. This isn’t the type of quick-hitting, device-adapted learning that mobile should deliver.
  • Until recently, mobile learning made it difficult if not impossible to track learner progress or quiz completion.
  • While e-learning is cost-effective, it’s not cheap. A 10-minute fully interactive course runs into five figures — or much more. That’s not an economical business model for frequently-updated smartphone or tablet-based learning.

Pro Learning Solutions levels the playing field for mobile with our new Three-Minute University™ (3MU™). We believe that 3-5 minutes is the attention span sweet spot for mobile learning. Designing for that length reduces pricing by roughly 88%  — only $1500 per three-minute course. Yet 3MU isn’t a cut-down e-learning knockoff — it’s a mobile-first design:

  • Device-agnostic: Flows automatically into any device shape or orientation: smartphone or tablet, PC or Mac, laptop or desktop, landscape or portrait.
  • Auto-sizes for any device — making menus, touch targets, swipes, and interactions easy to see and manipulate.
  • Supports audio, video, and interactions such as timelines, sorting exercises, guided steps, click-to-reveal, galleries, knowledge checks, and more.
  • Perfect for new product announcements, new feature announcements, tech tips, and sales tips.
  • Bite-sized info is easily absorbed while on break, while practicing the featured tech tip, or during commutes.
  • Course progress and quiz completion now fully trackable in any Learning Management System (LMS).
  • No LMS? No problem. Use public link or host on your website. (No tracking.)
  • Once we have your direction and media assets, turnaround time is potentially as quick as two days.

Want to see a 3MU example? We created a sample course on something every retailer should strive for: making better product presentations. Feel free to watch on any device, in any orientation. (This course is a bit longer than three minutes, to show you more features.)

When you’re ready to unleash your own 3MU-style courses, contact us. Rest assured, for full-scale projects, Pro Learning Solutions still offers our flagship e-learning products: animated, multimedia, fully interactive, narrated, and translatable into scores of languages.